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Meet Me and My Family!

I thought you might like to be able to "meet" me, so you'll feel, at least a little, like you know who I am! Here are a couple of pictures of me and my babies!

This is me and my son Tristan when he was about 4. He's changed quite a bit (he's 10 now) but I'm pretty much the same, with maybe a few gray hairs!


We live in Aurora, Colorado, one of Denver's 'burbs!
I do childcare during the day, catch up with my own kids in the evenings, and try to stay on top of my laundry mountain and my ever present dirty dish problem! And now, with the rubber stamp biz, it's quite a juggling act! The kids, as it turns out, are pretty good at trimming rubber, so I may have to put them to work!


Here are another couple of pictures of my little genetic engineering projects! Needless to say, I think they were all a HUGE success!! :o)

Here they are, Tristan and McKenna on top, and
Dylan on the bottom!

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