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Ma Vinci's Reliquary
Catalog Page 19 /TICKET and LOVE LETTER Alphabets!

This alphabet is so funky, I just HAD to have it. It's from a font called TICKET, designed by Amy Conger, who said she made it from a child's cheap set of alphabet stamps she got at Pic 'n' Save. You know the ones, mounted on cheesy little plastic mounts, with all that leftover rubber still on them? So she stamped those out, and the edges got all inky and printed, too. I think they're great! So great I made them in TWO sizes! THANKS, Amy, for letting me make these BACK into rubber!

**Oh, and click here to pop over and see Amy's other great fonts!!**

Here they are, the TICKET alphabets! Two sizes, to fit your every project! Funky and sloppy, just the way I love them!

Large (1 3/8" tall) #AL-1022 $30.00
Small (7/8" tall) #AL-1023 $18.00


LOOK! A tiny typewriter alphabet, just like you wanted! Not EXACTLY like the It's My Type alphabet (someone else makes that in a tiny size, and I really don't want to do something just like what someone else has!) but VERY similar! This one's called Love Letter, it's from Dixie's Delights, and it IS delightful, isn't it?? THANKS to Dixie's for allowing me to license this for rubber!

Here it is! Love Letter! Caps are 3/8" tall, set includes caps, lowers, numbers and punctuation as shown! Perfect for cards, journaling, scrapbooks, whatever!
#AL-1021 $10.00 the set

** Now available in a bigger size, just like you wanted! Caps are 3/4" tall, complete set as shown! #AL-1029 $20.00