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Ma Vinci's Reliquary
Customer Art Gallery!

I want to put YOUR artwork here!!

Send me your artwork using any of the Reliquary stamps! A card, a tag, an envelope, whatever you like! Help my gallery grow!

This is the first card I've received using one of my Reliquary stamps!! It was made by my friend Estelle Lander Smith, using the Bible Text stamp as a background!


The scan doesn't do this card justice. It's done on dark blue card stock, with the Bible Text stamped in gold and a metallic blue. On that Estelle (owner of The Stampsmith) has layered one of HER company's images, stamped on vellum, and the effect is lovely!

Here is ANOTHER piece of awesome artwork done by your friend and mine, Nancy Curry! It's the cover of an art journal she is working on, and she's used the BIG Harting II alphabet letters to spell out FRAGMENTS. OH, I absolutely love this!!! THANK YOU for sharing it with us, Nancy!!!


Nancy is an incredible artist. If you'd like to see more of her work, click here!

Check out this INCREDIBLE envelope by CLAUDIA MEDARIS!! She used just one of the large alphabet letters, and the effect is SO cool!! Thanks, Claudia!!