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Ma Vinci's Reliquary
Some Favorite Links

Here are links to a few of my most favorite rubber stamp and supplies sites! Go check 'em out, tell 'em I sent ya!

Estelle Lander Smith's The Stampsmith!

Sandy Lemons' Powdered Pearls!

Just Jhone

Cathleen Perkins' Art Dreams

Anima Designs


Junque Art - The Clockman!

Dog Eared Magazine! For the book artist in you!

ARTitude 'Zine!

I HAVE to take a minute to give my friend Jim at Circustamps a plug here! I met him when he sharpened my KAI scissors, and now I can't live without him, since he's the guy who cooks all my lovely rubber! If you need new KAIs, or need your old ones sharpened, this is the place to go! And if you're in the rubber business, or are thinking of being, give Jim a call! His rubber is the best there is, and you'll be glad you did!! You have Ma Vinci's word! (Scroll down to see his ad which has his mailing address and phone number.)

Click here to email Circustamps!